Piero Benzoni

Master Sculptor Piero Benzoni was born and still resides in Melegnano, a charming little town in Lombardy, southern of Milan, where he crafts his exquisite silver sculptures. His family’s poverty in the post-war period forced him to start working at the young age of 14, and he eventually found his calling in art craft.

Benzoni honed his skills by apprenticing in the best silverware manufacturing laboratories in Milan and quickly became a skilled maker of object shapes such as amphorae, tankards, and trays, which were hand-chiseled with the perfect technique of pitch and burin. As his passion for statuettes grew, he founded his own company in Melegnano in 1966.

In 1976, Piero Benzoni launched a new line of luxurious and high-quality chess sets, which he called “Art Bronzes.” These sets feature wax models of characters from different historical ages, such as knights, soldiers, and well-known figures on horseback in ancient uniforms.

Using the “lost wax” technique, Benzoni sculpts the figures in bronze or bold silver, chiseling them to perfection entirely by hand. The single details are 24k gold plated through galvanic baths, resulting in stunningly detailed and unique pieces. Each figure is signed “Piero Benzoni.”

These magnificent Benzoni Chess Sets are available for purchase in our store, where you can admire the masterful craftsmanship and exquisite design that has made Piero Benzoni one of the most renowned silver sculptors in Italy and around the world.