Piero Benzoni

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Piero Benzoni was born nearby Melegnano, a little town in Lombardy, southern of Milan, here he lives and works. He was one of the best silver craft master of sculpture jewels in Italy and world.
Piero was a peasant’s son he did not like to till in the country, but he was dreaming to become a great violinist
But the after-war period, the poverty of his family, obliged him to begin working very early.

At only 14 he decided to work, he went in Milan in the field of art craft: a Master was born!?Thus as teen-ager he began his apprenticeship in the best silverware manufacturing laboratories.

Around his 20 Piero Benzoni was already an excellent maker of object shapes (amphorae, tankards, trays)
which were then hand – chiseled with the old and perfect technique of pitch and burin, and He began to create.

The first were models of handles for jugs and coffee sets, little angels and chandeliers. Gradually the passion for statuettes
took place and in 1966 he founded his own company in Melegnano. In 1976 Piero Benzoni started new line that he called “Art Bronzes” realizing beautiful wax models of chess-sets in ancient costume, representing different historical ages, as well-known characters on horseback in ancient uniform, clocks, knights and soldiers.

Piero Benzoni, using the “lost wax” technique, obtains statues in bronze or bold silver then he chisels them to perfection. The figures are completely finished by hand, while the single details are 24k gold plated by means of galvanic baths. Each figure is signed “Piero Benzoni”. Then they became the chess set that you can admire and buy in our store, the Benzoni Chess Sets.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]