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Wooden chess set, why to choose it

Yes, you want a chess set, and Yes, you love wood.
And again yes, we have a wide range of complete chess sets?for you to choose from so this guide will help you know whay a wooden chess set is Your chess set!
And if you are a real chess lover we have a tip for you:

If you buy a chess set, do it well!

We suggest to invest in chess as much as you can afford on your beautiful Chess Set, in will be your game for a long time and the pleasure of it will be for each game, with each opponent, during all your life; and probably you will pass passion for chess? down to your sons that will play with your beautiful chess set.

Now why wooden chess? Here are 10 reasons for choosing wooden chess sets.

  1. ?Wood is beautiful, is warm, is natural
  2. ?Wood is a green material
  3. ?Wooden chess it is a pleasure to touch and smell
  4. ?The wood is a durable material, it will be the same forever, beautiful as the first day you got it
  5. ?Wood on wood, the sound of wooden chessmen on wooden chessboard is music for real chess players
  6. ?Moving a pieces in wood? with its weight that allow you to feel the thickness of the chess battle
  7. ?Simply because…..you love it!


Check this one!

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