A modern style luxury chess set made in real leather and finished in real gold 24k and silver

The combination of different materials in this chessboard gives splendid results, as in the case of precious metal, wood and genuine leather: here is a splendid luxury chessboard with a leather base and metal pawns, finished in gold or silver, with a revisited design that stylizes it the classic physiognomy. The shape of the pawn and all the other pawn symbols changes and is enriched with more vibrant colors than the classic brown, white or black. The scenography of the chessboard becomes an even more surreal landscape – therefore – a precious object that furnishes and entertains. A luxury chessboard is a piece of furniture that gives the appearance of houses with attention to detail – suitable for both minimal and eccentric, baroque or discreet furnishings – since the designs of the chessboards are varied and adapt to every style, enriching it without weighing it down.

Size: Chess Board: real leather, beige and black (NB: not marbled), 53×53 cm – square 5,7 cm – King h 5″ and base h 1,7″. Material: chess pieces made by solid brass and natural wood. The pieces are made with turn lathe machine and finish by hand. One side is natural real gold 24k filled, the other side is true silver filled.

157GS + LEAT13

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Weight 9,00 kg


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