Luxury Vikings William The Conqueror Complete Chess Set – (Board And Pieces)



This Luxury handcrafted limited production The Vikings William The Conqueror themed chess set is one of the most beautiful set you can desire and the perfect item to be shown in each chess player’s house.


Size : King h 3.9″ Base h 1.4″ x 1.4″ – The Vikings William the conqueror Century X Chessboard base : 21.2″ x 21.2″x 4.3″ – Square 2.2″ x 2.2″

This is one of the Benzoni Luxury chess set series by Italfama limited editions, the most beautiful and completely Made in Italy chess. Each piece is  Gold (24k) and Silver finished, is signed by the Sculptor Piero Benzoni.  The beautiful board is made in precious Onyx.

The Vikings, originating in Scandinavia, on board vessels made raids on the coasts of the British Isles, France and other parts of Europe between the end of the eighth and the eleventh century. To those people, and this period of European history (generally contained between the years 793 and 1066) inspired this set of chess. On the four sides of chessboard are represented scenes of battles and of ancient taverns.

They  were Norse seafarers, mainly speaking the Old Norse language. Facilitated by advanced sailing and navigational skills, and characterized by the longship, Viking activities at times also extended into the Mediterranean?littoral, North Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia. Following extended phases of (primarily sea- or river-borne) exploration, expansion and settlement, Viking (Norse) communities and governments were established in diverse areas of north-western Europe, Belarus, Ukraine and European Russia, the North Atlantic islands and as far as the north-eastern coast of North America. This period of expansion witnessed the wider dissemination of Norse culture, while simultaneously introducing strong foreign cultural influences into Scandinavia itself, with profound developmental implications in both directions.

Noble savages, Vikings were piratical heathens and intrepid adventurers that wore horned helmets.

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