The Giants Brass Wood Oriental Chessmen



Giant Oriental Chessmen, Luxuriate in Elegance: Introducing Our Handcrafted Solid Brass and Natural Wood Chessmen

If you’re looking for a luxury chess set that will make a statement, then look no further than the Giant Oriental Chessmen Leader Size. These stunning chess pieces are made from solid brass and natural wood, with each piece crafted using a turn lathe machine and finished by hand.

The King piece stands at an impressive height of 8.2 inches, with a base of 2.5 inches, making it a true leader on the board. The attention to detail is evident in every piece, with the natural brass color on one side and nickel plating on the other. These contrasting colors add an extra layer of sophistication to the already stunning set.

The combination of solid brass and natural wood not only looks impressive but also offers a superior playing experience. The weight of the pieces is perfectly balanced, making each move smooth and effortless. And, with the pieces finished by hand, you can be sure that every piece is of the highest quality.

If you’re looking for a luxury chess set that will be the envy of all your opponents, then the Giant Oriental Chessmen Leader Size is the perfect choice. It’s a true work of art that will make a statement in any room, whether you’re using it to play or simply as a decorative piece. Don’t settle for anything less than the best – choose the Giant Oriental Chessmen Leader Size for a truly luxurious chess experience.