Chess set – Starting Chess Set – (Board and Pieces)



Chess set – Starting Chess Set

Starting Your Chess Journey with Quality and Style: The Complete Chess Set

If you’re a chess enthusiast, starting your journey with a quality chess set is essential. Our Starting Chess Set is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a beautiful and practical set to begin their chess journey.

Featuring quality metal chess men and a useful leatherette chess board, this set is ideal for new players or as a gift for boys who love the game. The case repository is an added bonus, making it easy to store and transport your chess set.

The metal chess men are crafted with exceptional attention to detail, and the leatherette chess board in brown color adds an elegant touch to the overall design. With a size of KING: ht. cm 4,8 – diam. cm 1,9 and Leatherette Chess Board measuring 28 x 28 x 3,5 cm, with square cm 2,8, this set is perfect for playing anywhere, anytime.

In conclusion, our Starting Chess Set is a great way to begin your chess journey with quality and style. The combination of quality metal chess men and leatherette chess board, along with the case repository, make it a practical and beautiful set to enjoy the game of chess.

Size: Metal Chess Men KING: ht. cm 4,8 – diam. cm 1,9 – Leatherette Chess Board, brown color – Cm 28 x 28 x 3,5 – Square cm 2,8

65M + 218GR

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