American Civil War – Chess Set Painted – (Board and Pieces)



Relive the historic battles that made American history with a chess set inspired by the American Civil War

This is a beautiful and complete set with quality chess men and chess board for history lovers: the American Civil War set. Relive the war between Union and Confederacy, join the battle as President Abraham Lincoln and General Ulysses S. Grant do battle with President Jefferson Davis and General Robert E.Lee in an effort to resolve the question of State’s Rights. Will you be able to change the American History?

Start your game and travel in time!

The set is made in resin and painted by hand with a Wooden Chess Board, inlaid by hand too. Due to artisans work by hand some chess men could be a little different in details from the image shown and that made each set unique!

Size: Wooden Chess Board, inlaid by hand: cm 32x32x6 – Square: cm 3,5 – King: ht. cm 8,0

(Product code: R70217 + 333W)

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