Big Medieval Complete Chess Set – (Board And Pieces)



Magnificent chess set inspired by the Middle Ages made in Italy CERATED BY PIERO BENZONI MASTER

Chessmen made in bronze, gold and silver plated, Size : Queen h 4.05″ Base h 1.2″x1.2″ – Medieval Chessboard base : 21.2″x21.2″x4.3″ – Square 2.2″x2.2″ made in Onyx and Bronze

“Come with me, let’s go on an adventurous journey, back in the centuries, between 1160 and 1220 under the reign of Philip Augustus, in Northern France. It is there, at that time and in that country that we will move, collecting all the signs that the knights have left in their passage. From that period there remain some parchment preserved in the archives, stories, true or invented stories. And it is precisely one of these texts that allows us to see a knight quite closely. He will be our main witness. ” that was Medieval age, exciting stores, between loves, tournaments and battles As this chess sete and George Douby tells us.